Haul! - New Look, Primark and H&M!

July 27, 2014

The weather at night is finally starting to become cooler, but it didn't stop my house from feeling like it was overheating!

Awake, I scoured the house in search of anything cold and refreshing.

Asleep, I managed to close my eyes and drift off, only waking up at 3:44am for a quick swig of water.

I've been expecting a batch of new clothes to swing my way, and there they were!

Welcome to my first haul! *clap clap clap*

Most of these clothes are from New Look, and where I can, I will link to the shop. Warning: almost everything is on sale, so if you want it, you'll have to snatch it up quick!

Quick note: I've figured out how I will be posting from here on out. Posts will be published on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!

Let's get on with it!

I am so excited for this haul, I've been prepping it since Saturday! I got too excited, and decided to publish it now!

Especially with all these pretty patterns involved! Such as this:

And this:

And this!

Let's start off here:

My mother picked up these pyjamas for me in Primark. I love the design, especially the lace on the front. The little bow is so adorable too!

Look at that snazzy background.

This is where the short people problems begin. This was bought in my size, but the trousers were dragging along the floor whenever I wore them! Not impressed. 

It's a good thing they're cute.

Next, I picked up this cheetah print jacket/overall thing?

I like the flower design on it.

And the overall design!

But I probably like the actual cheetah print design more than anything!

I got this from a store called Anna, which is the same place I got my lace overall/jacket I wore at Prom (check out my Prom post here!).

The next thing I got was this Hogwarts t-shirt from Primark.

I like to believe I'm quite the Harry Potter genius (don't take my word for it!), so when I saw it, I wanted it as soon as! 

I can be seen sporting this t-shirt on this Instagram selfie:

Taken from my bathroom, yep.

The material is super soft, which makes it ultra comfortable to wear. It was also available in green, for all you Slytherins out there!

The next item is this sheer top, also (surprise, surprise!) from Primark!

There's not much to say on this one... just a basic sheer top with a polka dot design!

Quickly jumping to H&M, I picked up this maroon/burgandy top.

The sleeves are already folded for you, which comes in pretty handy.

However, down the middle back, there's this stitched in line, which is quite uncomfortable if I decide to lean backwards.

I already have a top similar to this,  but in light grey instead of maroon. And it doesn't have the annoying line-thing.

Now - onto New Look. I LOVE shopping there, because I feel like I can find just about anything I'm looking for in there.

All of these are bought online, and where I can, I'll insert a link!

First, we have this Blue Tribal Print Waterfall Blazer. I think I got this pretty cheaply, considering I'm saving £12.99! You can get your own here!

Isn't the design so pretty?

This also sees the return of the pre-folded sleeves.

I actually wore this blazer today, along with some shoes you'll see later, and I can say it didn't cause me to feel too hot. I went to a barbecue, so there was heat from the flames, and also from the weather itself. Honestly, it kept me nice and cool!

The next thing was this Tall Black Wavy Textured Pencil Skirt. I couldn't take more than one picture, as I couldn't pick up the actual texture of the skirt. However, you can see that here.

I don't know why I buy objects labelled "tall", when I know I'm not! I just get so distracted by the price and the object itself!

Speaking of other tall objects, check this out!

Oh, those wrinkles.

This is the Tall White Short Sleeve Crochet Insert Top, which can be found here! The short people problems are making their third appearance, as this top literally reaches my mid thigh! When will I learn?!

I was quite disappointed with this, as one of the little silver balls weren't on the little tie-up strings. I ended up having to take it off, which was a shame.

However, the crochet design does make up for it.

 Next, I got this Blue Bandeau Midi Dress.

The design is my favorite.

And I also like how I'm given a belt.

I looked for the link for this online, but I couldn't find it; sorry!

The next thing I got in-store was this little number:

I call it the AX Paris Swirly Skater Dress.

Yes, I literally do.

It's pretty easy to zip up; the zip is on the back.

I also wore this in another Instagram selfie, when I was in a really strange mood...

Anyway, this is probably my favorite dress.

Funny story: I actually wasn't looking at the size when I bought this. Only when I took it off first time did I realise the actual size! Good thing it fits!

Next up we have this Monochrome Tribal Print Longline Kimono, which can be found here!

I feel my pictures don't do it justice, so make sure you check out that link!

Short People Problem Number 3: This kimono is literally the size of my body. All that can be seen from the back are a few inches of my leg, and my ankles!

But the design is really pretty, isn't it?

This was even bought in the right size! *Sigh*.

I've had such a pang for buying a kimono lately, so I think I picked up the first thing I saw. It does the same thing as the blazer, keeping me cool in the heat!

We're down to the final two items!

And they're both shoes!

The first thing I got in this department were these Black Suedette Loafers.

They're simply adorable, so I decided to snatch these up!

Oh, that dust.

I feel like the name "Grandma Shoes" are also applicable.

Buy your own Grandma Shoes over here!

Next, we have these Black Widefit Laceless Contast Sole Trainers. 

These are also the shoes I wore to a barbecue I mentioned on the blazer.

This doesn't count as a Short People Problem.

However, I got these in a Size 5 (which is standard for me), but they (surprise, surprise) didn't fit!

There's some elastic inside the shoe that stops it from slipping off when you walk. 

This didn't work for me.

So, I ended up weaving some laces in them.

You can get your own pair of these over here.

And there we have it!

This was quite a lengthly post, wasn't it?

Thanks for getting to the end!

Be sure to follow, comment and whatnot!

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Expect some OOTDs to come from these cothes, starting Monday!

Thanks, and I'll see you in the next one!

~Lenny Likes to Blog~

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