My July Favourites!

July 31, 2014

July has been the quickest month so far. It has just flown by! I feel like August will drag on and on, and then suddenly *boom*! September! Just like that! 

Seeing as it is the last day of July, I thought I would share with you all the little things I managed to fall in love with the past 31 days.

The first thing we have is my Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.

I absolutely love these two. They smell amazing, and they get the job done incredibly well. When using the shampoo, I do the standard lather-rinse-repeat, and I find my hair gets super clean using just the lather and rinse! As for the conditioner, it too smells amazing. The smell is akin to coconut, or some other delicious scent. 

The conditioner is very moisturising to my hair and is very good with keeping that moisture locked in while blow drying my hair. It does exactly what it says on the bottle!

The next thing was my Marks and Spencer's Almond Hand and Body Cream.

You can tell I've very nearly finished this item! It smells good, it does good, and frankly it is good! I tend to pick up some random hand creams here and there, but I feel they don't moisturise as well as they could. They're either too heavy, or not heavy enough and I usually end up finishing my hand creams too quickly or ending up not even finishing them at all!

This hand cream, ladies and gents, has served me so well. I'm extremely sad to see it's running low! I don't use too much, because I'm able to get the perfect amount of moisture in just one usage. I'm the type of person that carries hand sanitiser with them EVERYWHERE, so my hands do tend to get pretty dry with all the alcohol. 

Slap on some of this and I'm good to go!

My next favourite item is the range of Simple Skincare products.

I use these religiously morning and evening, and can honestly say they've made a vast improvement on my skin.

My skin type is combination; it's dry around my mouth and chin, but oily when you get to my cheeks and forehead. Let's not even talk about the acne!

Since using these, my breakouts haven't been as bad as they normally would have. Notice that last sentence. These products haven't stopped my breakouts completely, but they have soothed my skin down considerably. 

One little complaint I have to make is that the blackhead eliminating scrub dries my skin out A LOT. I used it every morning and evening, but found I had to apply a lot more moisturiser to combat the dryness. I've changed to using it only mornings and every other day instead of every consecutive day. If anyone has any suggestions of a good exfoliator or scrub, please leave a comment for me down below!

Last, but not least, we have my planner!

I got this on Amazon over here, and couldn't decide between a week-to-view or day-to-view. I ended up going for week-to-view and this design and I absolutely love it!

I keep myself very organised with this planner, and it's become a very good addition this month. Inside, you're able to write down exam dates and times, your personalised school timetable, and have lots of room on individual days to jot down anything you need.

It's also especially good for quickly writing down post ideas, to refer to back later. I'm keeping myself in top of things with this planner, and I love it!

Well, there we have it!

I have big hopes for August. I hope it will be even more exciting than July!

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Thanks, and I'll see you in the next one!

Malensu x

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  1. I like 'Simple' products. I use their lotion cleanser everyday as well as the lightweight moisturiser. I've got really oily skin and I find these products help with my shininess aha


    1. Yes, Simple are really good for oily skin; my skin's improved since first using them!

      Thanks for checking the post out! x


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