OOTD - Smart Casual Monday

July 28, 2014

Monday mornings for me are always a hassle; I have to get up and get ready for work, and I always end up rushing out of the door. It makes me wish I hadn't  gotten a summer job, and could instead spend my mornings lounging around instead!

Anywho, today's OOTD features some items from my haul post!

My overgrown jungle of a garden will be the background for this post.

Some bits are pretty, though.

Okay, let's get going!

I wore this New Look blazer, which you can find over here!

Awkward posing up ahead!

It began drizzling on and off today, so I'm glad I wore this!

The top I wore was also from New Look, which you can get here.

More awkward posing.

Inside the top, I wore a simple white vest top.

Next, I wore these jeans I got from Primark.

And now the shoes!

These, too, are from New Look.

The return of the Grandma Shoes! Pick your own up here.

I felt the shoes added a more casual feel to the look.

The bag I had today, was just my regular work bag.

I think this is from Primark a year back (?), but I'm not too sure...

The contents of this bag are almost always food. No shame.

My hair was just in a high ponytail. I wasn't going to wear a headband; I put it on this morning as I had just put some edge control on my edges. I couldn't find my scarf, and I decided I liked the look, so I kept it in. :)

And there we have it; a smart casual outfit of the day!

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Thanks for checking this post out, and I'll see you in the next one!

~Lenny Likes to Blog~

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  1. Love your outfit - casual but chic!
    X Sjoukje from www.lemontierres.com


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