Prom 2014!

July 24, 2014

Hello, everyone!

It's been about 4 weeks since my prom, and I'm starting to feel extremely nostalgic about the event.

It was a very enjoyable evening I got to share with my friends, and even people who didn't even consider me a friend, and vice versa. Everyone got along, and had fun! It was the last time most of us would ever see each other, so we had to go all out!

It started in the morning with the Leavers Assembly. Everyone was getting their yearbooks signed, taking selfies and getting their school shirts drawn on.

This event was followed by me rushing into town to buy some heels before the big event.

I know, I know! Terrible, right? Buying prom shoes, on the day of prom! But, to be fair, I did buy my dress weeks before prom. I just had no time to go out and buy shoes due to final exams!

I rushed into every store I could, all while being coached by my bestie, via Facebook Messenger.

Then, I found them! I was ready!

I rushed home, and began the long process of getting ready.

My sister had just (that day, literally!) gotten a Nintendo DSI XL, so she took every opportunity to snap as many mugshots as she could. And she succeeded.

My mother helped me with my makeup, and I was done!

I got my dress here, and my shoes from Deichmann in-store. Sorry, but I can't find them online!

My little wrap/cardigan/lace thing was from a shop called Anna. I haven't seen an Anna anywhere else, so I don't know if it could be in another town.

Then, I rolled up to the venue!

I stayed in the car for a few minutes, because I started feeling nervous and slightly nauseous. But, I got over it and went inside!

Where I was greeted by my friends!

One of the first things I thought when I got there was when the buffet was going to be served (sorry, not sorry). But after a few trips to the chocolate fountain, everything seemed okay!

I thoroughly enjoyed prom. I don't get one in future, as I'm going to a sixth form college (come sixth forms attached to schools get a Year 12 and 13 prom), so I made sure to enjoy the one I got now!

How was your prom?

Tell me down below!

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Thanks as always, and I'll see you in the next one!

~Lenny Likes to Blog~

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