My Weekend Up North!

August 04, 2014

This weekend I was in beautiful Scotland visiting my uncle. He is the doctor of the Zambian National team, and he managed to get my family into the Commonwealth Park. I felt terrible, however, because I saw so many - so many - Team England members but I couldn't recognise any! Sorry! 

We were supposed to take the plane to Scotland, but we decided to instead make a road trip out of it. We set off at midnight, (can you Adam and Eve it?!), and by 5:00 we had reached Carlisle. 

I couldn't take any pictures, because the car was moving so fast. But, there were hills and cows and sheep and mountains everywhere! It was so beautiful!

I also thought I saw Milky Chance at a service station, but it wasn't them! *Tears*.

We reached Glasgow by 7:30, and we met my uncle by 12! It was great!

After a day being tourists and loafing around for the day, we decided to pay a visit to an old friend.

We were seated right by the River Clyde, which was amazing. Unfortunately, I was way too awkward to take any other pictures of the decor, because staff were running around all over the place. This Nando's was also much larger than the one where I live, so there were so many couples and families milling around everywhere.

For my main, I had the Beanie Wrap.

There was a new addition in this one, because it had pineapple in it! Of all the Beanies I've had, none of them have ever had pineapple! I drowned my chips (and stolen slice of garlic bread, courtesy of my mother) in their garlic peri-peri sauce (my absolute favourite!). My mouth was a pit of spice by the end of the meal, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

For dessert, I had one of their Natas, which I've never had before. It was absolutely delicious! I was so caught up in eating it and marvelling at the weather (it rained every 15 minutes!) I forgot to take a picture!

I developed a love all things Scottish, especially their notes...

And also their accents! I also enjoyed my time because 90% of the people who talked to me called me "My love"! It was so sweet! "Sorry about that, my love", "Here you go, my love", "Excuse me, my love"! 

Afterwards, we were supposed to drive back down to England, and into Manchester, but we took a detour which landed us in Birmingham. We checked in, and I took full advantage of the free wifi to catch up on Bloglovin' and Instagram.

I also took this moment to take some obligatory hotel room selfies.

^My eyebrow game is disastrous. Also, chicken pox scars are not good.

After a good night's sleep, my mother decided she wanted to check out the stores, so we ended up going into Brantano, H&M, and TK Maxx. However, I made up my mind to save my money up to 1) buy a camera, and 2) buy stationary and more clothes for college in September! So, I only ended up buying a few bits and bobs.

Firstly, I got this adorable purse in Brantano!

Then, over in TK Maxx, I got some nail varnish, to satiate the hankering I've had for all things nail related.

It's a light, almost pastel, shade of grey and I think it really compliments my own (and any!) skin tone. It is by the company Orly, in the shade Boho Bonnet.

I got a real craving for one of these...

^Best drink ever!

...But I then found one of these...

The drive back home wasn't too long, so I took this opportunity to catch up on some Zelda time. 

I also tried incredibly hard to catch up on my reading, by tackling this...

I think I'm on chapter three? Terrible.

All in all, my weekend away was relaxing, and very much needed. I think I need another road trip once I learn how to drive!

Thanks, and I'll see you in the next one!

Malensu x 

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