What I'm Currently Listening to: Sadnecessary

August 14, 2014

Milky Chance are a fairly new band that have managed to rocket up to the top of my favourite artists list.

I first mentioned Milky Chance on my blog in this post, and as we speak, I am listening to the album! I am definitely hooked. 

I first heard of Milky Chance as I was listening to the radio, and their single Stolen Dance came on. I stopped what I was doing and just sat there through the whole song, and at the end, finally decided to listen to it again. And again... And again. And thus, a new fan was born.

The actual song is quite folksy and indie and... definitely different to the artists I would have listened to back in 2010!

After repeating the same song for days on end, curiosity eventually go the better of me. "Curiosity killed the cat"? Not this time!

Soon after, I discovered Down by the River and repeatedly played that song too, until I could recite the words. 

Being one of those people that actually read the description box on every YouTube video I watch (as almost always requested by the YouTuber), I read that this song was featured on an album!

I listened to Sadnecessary for the first time and immediately fell in love. 

I would describe the genre of the album as folk, indie, and, according to Wikipedia, 'folktronica'? That's one I've never heard before.

I love the first song on the album, Stunner, and I think it's definitely a great introduction to an even greater album. Other favourites include BecomingSweet Sun, and obviously Sadnecessary! I think if I were to accurately do my favourite songs on this album, I would just end up listing the entire tracklist!

Since Milky Chance are a German duet, I don't think I'll be bumping into them any time soon. But, if any tickets for me to see them in the UK become available, I will definitely try to snatch those up quickly!

I hope you check this band out! They're up and coming, and will definitely make an even bigger impression on the music scene in future.

I'll see you in the next one!

Malensu x

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