What's In My Bag!

August 25, 2014

This weekend was very busy and tiring, and I decided I'd do the What's in My Bag tag.

I enrolled at my new sixth form college on Friday, and was later whisked off for a weekend away with my family and all their friends. And I mean all their friends. There were approximately seven or eight families, not including the individuals that decided to come along. 

The bag  I took with me was this one:

Inside were just random bits and bobs I just shoved haphazardly into my bag. 

So here we go!

First, we have some nail varnish and a nail varnish corrector pen.

The shade is Boho Bonnet by Orly, and the pen is just a random one I found.

Next is a random collection of keys...

Some are for work, and others are for getting into my house.

Then we have some random sized hair ties...

I don't even need the large ribbons anymore, as I took my braids out last Thursday... Always helps to be prepared, though I guess!

A half eaten packet of polo's, because fresh breath is everything!

A small tub of orthodontic wax. I get the ends of my wires digging into my cheeks, and it's so uncomfortable. This really does come in super handy.

A comb... for hair...

A tub of cherry lip balm. Ever since getting braces, my lips have been super dry and chapped. This is such a lifesaver!

A tiny little mirror. This, too is a godsend. 

A tube of hand cream. The smell of this is absolutely delicious!

An umbrella, which I actually didn't need this weekend, but did need this morning. You just never know when the sky will open up in Britain, so it's wise to stay prepared!

My purse, which holds so many important things! 

My academic diary. I got this a few weeks ago, to keep organised with blog posts and whatnot and it has served me well so far. I really think the design is super pretty, too!

Hydration is super important!

Next up are just a few items I threw into my little toiletries bag.

First, (from top to bottom), we have liquid eyeliner, an eyebrow pencil I only use for the spooly, the eyebrow pencil I actually use, and a sharpener. I've started slowly becoming better with my eyebrows, and they don't look too lopsided, or thick, or like I went over the hairs with a sharpie anymore. Which is a vast improvement!

My Simple foaming cleanser. This was actually mentioned in My July Favourites post. Go check that out!

My trusty Vaseline Coco Radiant body lotion. 

And finally some tablets, because you never know when you'll need one.

And that's it!

I hope you enjoyed this post; I had good fun actually examining what was in my bag!

Thanks, and I'll see you in the next one!

Malensu x 

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  1. Hiya! I think your blog is great, you've got a really cute style. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, please follow the link to find out what it's all about: http://thefashionparadepage.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/the-liebster-award.html xx

  2. A pocket mirror is always a good choice :) Nice post!


  3. Your bag is lovely!



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