How I Stay Organised!

September 27, 2014

Hello there!

It's been a few weeks since I started college, and I thought I'd share how I like to stay organised! I know this could technically count as a 'Back to School' post, and we are nearing the end of September. But, I feel like this post will make more sense now, as I've had a few weeks to adjust to college life. 

Now, onto the post!

I have four folders that I initially bought at the beginning of September. But, right now I don't have enough work for each subject to fit in each folder.

So right now, I'm using one that I put all my subject notes in to take into college with me. 

I also use a pencil case that I have filled with so many coloured pens, highlighters, and all sorts. I think I went a bit overboard with my stationary shopping!

Another very important thing to keep around is a memory stick.

This one currently holds all of my life:

My English teacher's memory stick crashed on Wednesday, and she lost literally everything, so it does go to show that you can't really trust these fully. So, what I do is save all my files onto my home computer, my laptop, my school account and then the memory stick. Just in case something goes wrong somewhere, I will have 3 other places I'll be able to find all of my work.

Another thing I do may sound painfully obvious, but it really does save a lot of hassle and embarrassment. 

And that thing is to take all the textbooks I may need that day. 

There's nothing worse that going into your bag and realising you've forgotten to take your textbook. 

The above are 3 examples of the books I've managed to get so far into the term.

The easiest way I remember I need to take anything in is to look at my timetable and pack the night before. Otherwise, I'll be panicking before I leave, and probably end up forgetting them.

Next, I use an academic diary, which I featured in my July Favourites post.

This is where I note down all my homework, appointments, blog post ideas, and to-do lists.

to-do lists are the most helpful tool, because I'm able to stay organised with all aspects of my life, not just my homework or my blog.

Obviously, I do do other things to make my college life much more organised and hassle-free, but this is the main crux of it all.

Are there any tips you can give me? Leave me a comment below!

Thanks, and I'll see you in the next one!

Malensu x 

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  1. Looks like so much work! So glad I don't study anymore! xx

  2. I miss being in a learning environment but I do not miss homework at all. Best of luck.
    xx, Jodi

    1. I know I won't miss homework one bit, but the learning environment is great (depending on the class :P)

      Malensu x


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