Sam Pepper Fake Ass Pinch Prank

September 25, 2014

Hello, guys!

Just a quick post, and a different one for my blog!

A lot of you may have heard of Sam Pepper's Fake Ass Pinch Prank that went up on YouTube a couple of days ago. Since then, it has stirred a lot of hatred among the YouTube community, and I wanted to offer my view on it.

In the video (which was taken down, thank goodness!), Sam proceeded to pretend to have a fake hand with which he touched other women's bums.

You could even hear a woman clearly say "I don't like that!" in the video, yet he continued to film.

I hate that this video was even allowed to go up in the first place!

Sam normalises sexual harassment in those videos, by forcing women to kiss him, and openly lassoing them in the street. Then, he goes and calls it all a "prank"!

People know what he's doing is wrong, as he almost got beaten up by the men in the lassoing video.

This type of behaviour is so entrenched in our culture now, thus allowing it to remain and influence young people, men and women alike.

It saddens me that there are even people defending him. Men and even women claim he is justified as he was just "raising awareness" of sexual exploitation. He's uploaded 3 videos since the "prank" was deleted, and he claimed that he was raising awareness of sexual harassment towards men... by showing it happen to women in broad daylight?

With that logic, one would probably set fire to a building full of people, to raise awareness of fire safety, or get oneself run over to raise awareness of road safety!

To all the men saying "if a woman touched my bum, I wouldn't mind. Besides, no one would even report her for anything". Well, the reason behind this is because there isn't a history of women sexualising, and abusing men to the extent that men have done it for so many years!

Women haven't been the ones charged for rapes and abuses that men have done. Granted, there are a small number of cases where men are abused by women. But is it anything like what women are subjected to? So, if a woman gets groped by anyone she doesn't want to, anywhere on her body, she has every right to be furious!

Calling this behavior "comedy" and a "prank" just allows the next generation of young people to think it's normal for it to happen.

Men will think it's okay to go around touching anyone they see, and women will think there's nothing they can do to stop it.

Don't give Sam views, as he will only continue to get more popular on social media. Behavior like his is dangerous, but it can be put right if you decide to make it so! This type of behaviour is sickening and needs to stop.

The word feminist is so synonymous with the hatred of men nowadays, but this honestly is not so. "Feminist" refers to an individual that believes in equal rights and attitudes for all sexes. So, yes, you can be a male feminist!

I thoroughly recommend you all watch Emma Watson's #HeForShe speech! Also, read Laci Green's open letter to Sam. It seriously lays out the seriousness of this issue.

I hope you all have a good day, or night, or evening or morning depending on wherever you are!

Thanks, and I'll see you in the next one!

Malensu x

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