Top 5 Horror Movies!

October 31, 2014

I'm not a Halloween celebrator, but I do love a good horror movie!

I'm not one to get scared during a horror movie. It's the aftermath.

Horror movies for me are either enjoyable during and after, or terrifying afterwards.

We've all been in the situation where we watch a horror movie, and end up being flanked by friends on both sides as you venture out to the toilet.

These five horror movies are either ones that make me cry inwardly, or laugh while watching...

1. Sinister

This movie...

The basic plot is; a family move into a new house, with only the husband aware that the house was the setting of a brutal murder, whereby the youngest child hung her family. The husband (crime writer) discovers Super-8 tapes, and watches all the murders take place. The antagonist, cheerily named Mr Boogie, steals the souls of young children to stay alive. Having no need for the rest of the family, he orders the possessed child to kill them. In this movie, we see families, hung, burned alive, throats slit, their heads decapitated by a lawn mower, drowned and decapitated by an axe.

Following me so far?

This movie seriously kept me awake at night for weeks! I wasn't able to walk past a window at night, or even look at trees due to me imagining Mr Boogie peering over. 

2. The Shining

"Heeeeereee'ssss Johnny!"

I read The Shining last year and was very briefly obsessed with Stephen King books. I had known The Shining was a movie, but I never had an interest to watch it until I read the book.

I really enjoyed this movie, from the blood-filled hallways, to the creepy twin duo. One thing I was disappointed with was the ending! The hotel didn't blow up, and Mr Hallorann certainly didn't die in the book. No wonder Stephen King himself wasn't pleased with the production of the movie.

3. The Grudge


I would overhear people talking about The Grudge, and after a quick glance at the YouTube thumbnails, I decided that it certainly not for me.

I then felt a bit adventurous and decided to watch a whole smorgasbord of Asian horror movies. Let me tell you, Asian horror movies, are the best kind. As in they're scary... 

I don't even remember how I gathered up the strength to watch The Grudge! This movie was definitely scary enough to make me not want to watch it again. Ever. The amount of willpower it took to actually find that poster. No. Not again.

4. The Conjuring

Now, I have many mixed feelings about this movie.

On one hand, I am truly terrified, especially because it's based on a true story. But, on the other hand, I don't necessarily think it's that bad. 

I was freaked out by the trailer, yet I sat through the entire movie. 

This is a movie I would recommend for anyone to watch, however. It was well directed and the child actors were very good as well. And they managed to keep as close as possible to the original story, which is a plus.

Annabelle came out earlier this month, and I am not ready for that doll to have her own movie. Nope. Not today.

5. The Silence of the Lambs

Now, I wouldn't call this a horror movie. More of a thriller/suspense because it wasn't scary!

I had seen that little moth creature around the internet, and finally managed to connect it to this movie. Then, I found out it was a series of books, and now I need to read them all!

Sir Anthony Hopkins was brilliant in this movie as Dr Hannibal Lecter, and so was Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling. I've watched this movie twice or three times because it was that good! The chemistry between the two characters feels natural; you get the feeling that they really got along well during production. 

On top of that, the plot wasn't difficult to follow, and I think it stands well as a lone movie without you watching/reading everything in the series.

Well, those are the 5 movies I'll be watching (or attempting to!) tomorrow. 

What are your favourite horrors? Let me know in the comments!

I'll see you in the next one!

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