For Those Rainy Days...

November 06, 2014

Rain is an inevitable part of autumn; it's just gonna happen.

I absolutely love the rain, the freshness it brings and the look of it sliding down windows and pelting puddles.

But, when caught indoors, not willing to venture out into the pouring rainfall, these are ten things I love to do when watching the rain come down.

1. Bundle up with a blanket, fluffy socks and have some TV time.

2. Have a nice hot bath. 

3. Watch movies like Forrest Gump, or (my personal favourite) the Lord of The Rings Trilogy.

4. Read a good book. I've just finished Gone Girl, and can't wait to watch the film soon.

5. Eat a good comforting meal, like mac and cheese, or shepherd's pie, or a big bowl of rice.

6. Paint my nails.

7. Catch up on social media. I already do this 24/7, but I feel I will read more closely and pay far greater attention when it's raining.

8. Play video games. I have a LOT of catching up to do on Phantom Hourglass.

9. Drink *ALL* the green tea. Green tea has a million and one health benefits, and on top of that, it tastes absolutely delicious. I love making myself a cup of green tea when it's raining. If we're out, then a regular cup will have to suffice...

10. Online shopping. Again, something I do very frequently (much too frequently!), but there is just something about online shopping when it's raining.

How do you like to spend your rainy days?

I'll see you in the next one!

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  1. The Lord of The Rings trilogy is also my fave! I'm so excited for the last Hobbit this year.

    Nik x

    NIKJAMESS | Fashion & Lifestyle

    1. I can't wait either! The excitement is building up!

      Malensu x

  2. These are all lovely ideas! I love watching Harry Potter when it's raining. :)

    Vanessa Mae

    1. Harry Potter would be great to watch!

      Malensu x

  3. Rainy days tend to be really boring for me. Thanks for the tips!


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