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December 24, 2014

Hello, all! 

I trust everyone is looking forward to Christmas tomorrow! I'm definitely excited, as I'll be able to spend time with family and food. Bliss.

Now, not only am I addicted to lipstick and nail varnish, I also have a soft spot for eyeliner. As the year comes to an end, I want to revel in the fact that I have finally found a technique to applying eyeliner that works for me. 

Different styles confuse me, though. Cat eye, pin-up, dramatic- so many different ways to apply one product. And then, you have liquid, pencil, gel, felt. All of this combined with me having hooded eyelids just makes me want to leave the eyeliner to the experts. A hooded eyelid is essentially one that droops lower down onto the eye. It's much harder to draw eyeliner on that way, as most of it is swallowed up, only leaving a sliver of eyeliner visible. But, I've managed to combat that!

What I'm working with today is a liquid liner by The Colour Experts. Before, I also used a felt eyeliner from Primark, then a liquid liner from Natural Collection. I feel the felt is much easier to apply- there's much more control as it's a pen, and it's much less messy. But, liquid is also able to 'stick' to the eye more than felt. Just one sweep and it's applied!

All I do is pull my eyelid up a little, and trace the eyeliner along my lashline. Then, I let go, see how it looks with my eyes normally, and make sure it's thicker at the ends. Draw some wings, and that's it! Hooded eyelids aren't so difficult to work with after all!

Do you enjoy wearing eyeliner? Tell me what your favourite styles are!

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