Red Lip Wishlist

January 27, 2015

I literally saw this, swatched a bit on my hand and fell in love! I've never had/tried out a matte lipstick before because I was scared that it may dry out my lips. But, the lipstick applies smoothly and felt very soft on my hand. I can only imagine it on my lips! The matte-ness seems really long lasting, and applies creamy and very quickly dries matte. I really want this!

I've heard nothing but positive reviews over Lime Crime's Velvetines. After watching review after review (after review!), I decided I really want to try one! I also want to try Salem and Wicked, but I've decided to test the waters out with Red Velvet instead. Application looks neat and mess-free which is a massive plus! And they're also long lasting. Their Unicorn Lipsticks are also very tempting... Also want.

Charlotte Tilbury make-up is once of the best in the business. This too is long lasting and applies very well. Reviews say it to also be moisturising and velvety smooth, which makes me want to try it out even more! Glastonbury is another shade I want to try, (along with all other CT products ;))

What's your favourite red lip product? 

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