Sanctuary Spa Foaming Bath Soak

January 28, 2015

I got Sanctuary Spa's Foaming Bath Soak as a gift set of three. The other products were the Cleansing Burst Body Wash, and the Silky Smooth Body Lotion. I have yet to try the body wash, and I'm afraid I don't really like the body lotion. The smell is far too strong, and causes my eyes to water and nose to burn! But, on the plus side, it is long lasting.

I decided to have a crack at the bath soak this morning, and honestly, I really enjoyed it!

The smell is similar to the body lotion, but it doesn't cause me to react in such a negative way. All you do is pour some underneath running water and watch as the bubbles form. I just wish there were more of them, as they do disappear rather quickly. Afterwards, my skin felt very smooth and gentle, probably due to the added aloe and wheat proteins. 

I really love this product, and want to order some more!

Please list below what other bath products I should try out!

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