Homespiration Monday #5!

June 22, 2015

Parisian decor, anyone?

This week's Homespiration is inspired by, obviously, Paris! I have a huge love for Parisian style, especially the homeware.

The picture on the left is an actual dream come true. The chandelier is so beautifully elegant, and the paintings on the wall make the room come together beautifully. I love the rustic look the wardrobe on the right gives the room. It looks casual and thrown together, but also very well put together. The large mirror above the fireplace is also a very nice touch. 

These photos are especially beautiful. I love the big windows, and simple wall colour. It's plain, but can be really made pretty by the decor you put on the walls. I especially love the pops of colour from the cheetah print, and pinks. 

And this office seems to have a brown theme happening, which I think I could work with. I would also add a hint of another colour, such as mint green to this room. I love the big doors, and big windows, which let in a lot of natural light. I think it's very obvious by now that I am a huge fan of big windows and natural light!

I also love the long curtains in the picture on the left, as well as the crisp white theme in the room on the right. A crisp theme is a must!

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