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June 09, 2015

Long time no see?

Exams are finally over, and I am at last free to breathe! I took time off to focus on both my mock exams, and my real exams, which I finished on Thursday last week.

So, it's back to the ol' grind!

I've had a real hankering for more 'summery' clothes, and judging by this wishlist, I'd say I've gone quite far! My wardrobe at the moment is stuck in a rut of cold-spring clothing. It's getting warmer now, though, and I need new clothes to really get into the summer spirit.

 I love 2 and 4, as I can easily pair them with some high waisted jeans or shorts and have a causal summer outfit in no time (which is perfect for lazy bums like me!). Number 1 is perfect for summer, as a cool breeze blowing around will keep my toes nice and cool in the heat. Number 3 is a bit more of a piece I'd wear if I were to just lounge about all day. I would pair it with 5 if I were going out somewhere. 5 itself is the one I currently need in my shoe closet! I'm on a 'heels-binging' mood at the moment, after buying a pair of heels about a month ago. Now, all I want to wear are heels! That is a big statement for a girl who used to wear nothing but flats...

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