My Healthy Favourites

July 28, 2016

Being healthy is something that has come as a challenge to me. I made a promise to myself last year that I would try to eat healthier food, drink more water, and exercise more. I haven't made very much progress, but I have managed to accumulate some things I have found to be good for me to use. 

I've been really into yogurt recently ever since I read an article that said that yogurt is really good for the skin. Naturally, I've started eating at least one yogurt pot a day, not really seeing great results, but so used to eating yogurt I've begun to enjoy it. When someone told me that yogurt is just flavoured rotten milk, I recoiled and vowed to not eat it again. But, the article made me realise that I will do anything to make my skin healthy. My favourite yogurt is the Activia Greek-Style pots in blueberry flavour. Yum.

I've also incorporated something totally new into my diet. I started drinking wheatgrass when I got sick earlier this year. I got stressed from exams, and caught a cold, so my mum told me to mix a teaspoon of wheatgrass powder into my drinks. The powder is rich in Vitamin E, copper, and iron, as well as fibre and protein. When I started drinking this, I got better by the end of the week! The one pictured is from Holland and Barrett. 

The banana pictured is just an umbrella for all kinds of fruit. I find fruit to be the easiest snack when I'm feeling peckish, or after a workout. Apples are my favourite, but bananas, and other berries are great to have as well. I also read somewhere that raspberries help boost memory, which can never be a bad thing, right?

Now, green tea is something I have always loved. My mum actually looks at me as something of a green tea snob, but it can't be helped! The absolute best green tea I have had is the Tazo Organic Peachy Green Tea. Twinings do do good green tea as well, though. Green tea is good for losing weight and lowering blood pressure, among various things. If you don't like traditional green tea, then flavoured green tea is good to have to get past the taste.

Lastly pictured are some trainers. I started jogging last month during exam season to help me de-stress. I usually run a couple of miles twice or three times a week and use the NikePlus app to track how far I have gone. Jogging has definitely helped me with clearing my mind, and is helping me exercise in a way I enjoy. 

Finding things I enjoy has given me an incentive to work out more and continue being healthy. Ish. 

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