A Few Things I've Been Loving

August 17, 2016

So, over the past couple of weeks I have been enjoying a few things that I wish to share with you. These range from beauty, to skincare, to digital and I am really excited to share my thoughts on them!

The first thing I want to mention is my new Mason drinking jar. I got this as a spur of the moment, and I am loving it so far. I use it mainly to drink water, but I was using it for iced coffees and other drinks as well. I love the cute design and how it's been helping me drink even more water than normal, as it is literally everywhere with me. 

Next up is this Liquid Facial Soap by Clinique. I've been using it at night (even though it should be twice a day, oops!) to help with my oily skin. It seems as though summer really makes my skin oily, so this has been a great addition into my skincare routine. 

I also got this nail polish for literally 50p because I desperately needed a light nude-y colour. It applies smoothly and dries really quickly, so that's definitely a plus! 

I have also been loving TV shows. Ever since I finished school, I have been binge-watching movies and TV series non-stop. Seriously, I've been hooked. So, this post definitely needs a mention of Netflix's Stranger Things. I finished this in a day because I just couldn't stop watching it! The show is set in the early 1980's and tells the story of a young boy who goes missing. Meanwhile, strange things (lol) start happening in the small town that has everyone watching really scared. If you like the Alien or Stephen King, then you should definitely have a watch of this!

I've also watched and finished Empire Seasons 1 and 2 literally within the space of two weeks. I just got so into the story and always wanted to see the next episode I wouldn't sleep! The show takes place in New York and focuses on a family dynamic so unique to TV you definitely need to watch it. This is definitely one to watch!

I have also been loving K-pop, which you can read all about in my previous post...

So, those are the main things I have been hooked on recently. Let me know what you've enjoyed below! 

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