My Go-To Nail Polishes

August 10, 2016

To me, nothing beats winding down after a long week. People like to do different things; watch some TV, read a book, go for a walk... but I love to do my nails. There's just something calming about treating yourself for 20 minutes and having really nice looking nails at the end of it. I love to do my nails with basically anything that I think will complement my skin tone, and today, I have three shades I want to share with you!

First up is the shade Boho Bonnet by Orly. If you cast your mind back to this blog post (God, that was SUCH a long time ago!), it's where I first bought it when I was having a weekend up North. Hard to believe, but I still have the same bottle, and it has nowhere near run out! The shade is pastel-y grey and really pretty. It compliments any skin tone and the formula is so good it doesn't chip easily. The colour is also good to be worn any time of year, so that's definitely a plus.

The middle shade is Chocolate by Florres London Cosmetics. This shade is a deep brown that I also think would look good on any skin tone. The brown is really dark and I love how that looks with my dark skin. However, the formula is so bad! It chips so easily, so if there is a specific place I want to wear it, it will only last two or three days before I need to take it all of and start again. Very disappointing, but with how pretty the colour is, I can't feel too mad about it. 

Finally, the last shade is Seashell by Technic. In terms of formula, this is similar to the Orly one - it doesn't budge and stays on for a great amount of time. I love this colour so much; it's like a shimmery pinky grey. I can wear any outfit with this and it will compliment it so well. This is my go-to colour when I want to do my nails but don't know which colour to pick!

Tell me below what your favourite shade is!

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