Quick Life Hacks Anyone Can Do

August 22, 2016

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Who doesn't love a way to make your life easier? I have some simple hacks that anyone can use to make every day just that little bit better. So, let's get right into it!

1 // Save some cash while online
While you're browsing away, your computer is storing cookies and cache behind the scenes. This can in turn make the price of clothes and flights even more expensive! To get the best price, simply clear your cache and cookies  every so often - easy!

2 // #selfie
If you want your smile to look a lot more genuine and friendly, you should try squinting your eyes a wee bit. I also find that (for me, personally), widening my eyes by the smallest amount makes a smile seem even more authentic.

3 // Get yourself a Pikachu!
Okay, so maybe not everyone will benefit from this, but I guarantee it will help someone! Now, the only way this works is if you have just started playing Pokemon Go (sorry!). When the three beginner Pokemons pop up, walk around a bit and ignore them. This will prompt them again and again, but if you keep ignoring them, a Pikachu will appear instead! I wish I knew this before!

4 // Summer cool-downs 
Fruit is great for you, and it's even better frozen and enjoyed on a hot summers day. Just freeze some black grapes for 4- 5 hours for an easy cool down treat, and they even taste like sweets! Alternatively, you can chop up some watermelon in rectangles and freeze these with lolly sticks at the bottom. After a few hours, they're good to go! You can even get creative and make fruit skewers and freeze them too.

5 // Coffee-fy your iced coffee
I love making myself some iced coffee, especially now that it's hot, and one way I keep it tasting more like coffee and less like a watery coffee milky mess is by making ice cubes with coffee. Just pour some coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze until it's solid. Then, you can use these instead of normal coffee to make your drink extra flavourful.

6 // De-frizz your hair
For a natural, frizz is the direct equivalent to chipping a nail, or something just as terrifyingly dramatic. So, to avoid frizz before your hair even dries (and this is all hair types!), you simply have to dry your hair with an old t-shirt. Towels have long fibres that cause frizz, while t-shirts are more gentle. When you finish washing your hair, just reach for an old t-shirt next time.

7 // Never forget things again
If you're someone who tends to rush out of the door in the mornings, chances are you have probably forgotten something important before. Well, say goodbye to those days! Just stack the thing you tend to remember, on top of other important things you need to take the night before, and when morning comes, you'll take everything along with you.

8 // Get rid of carsickness
If you suffer from motion sickness (like me), then simply apply slight pressure to the inside of your wrists between the two tendons. This will help you feel better.

9 // Exercise with no excuses
If you make excuses for not going to the gym, then an easy thing to do is to keep a packed gym bag in your car or by your door. That way, you have no reason not to go, because everything you need is already packed up for you!

10 // Vinegar to solve... anything!
Vinegar can be used to treat a number of things, but here are some of my personal favourites. You can soak your nails in vinegar for five minutes once a week to make your cuticles softer and nails stronger. Soaking the insoles of your trainers in vinegar and warm water can also make them smell better - just let them dry! You can also clean your dirty glasses with white vinegar to help get rid of stubborn spots.

I hope these hacks helped you!

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