Doctor Sleep - Stephen King

April 09, 2017

If I were to pick an author I really really enjoy reading, I think it would definitely be Stephen King.
This year, I'm challenging myself to read one book and month, which right now sounds like a lot! I used to be able to finish books within 2 days a couple of years ago, and now it has started to feel like more of a chore rather than something I really enjoy doing. I love King's books, and I thought it was finally time to re-read the sequel to my favourite book The Shining. 

I managed to get halfway through Doctor Sleep when I was in Year 11 but I stopped when it became time to study for my GCSEs but now, I think it's finally time to find out what happened to Danny and Abra since I last stopped reading it. I'm really gonna try and get into a habit of reading more and being on my phone less and I hope it goes well.

I'll see you in the next one!

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