How I Unwind After a Long Day

April 17, 2017

Spring is making me want to spend as much time outside as possible. The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up a little, birds are singing, flowers are growing; everything seems to want me to be outside in nature soaking up as much sun as the UK is gonna get. But, when the day is over, I have a few things I love to do to get my mind ready to get to sleep.

1 // Comfort food
One thing I love to do whatever the occasion is to find something to eat. But when I've been out and about during the day there's nothing I love more than to come home to a lovely bowl of... cereal. Yep! Didn't you know cereal tastes better at night?! I love having some honey nut cornflakes or Cookie Crisp with some coconut milk from Alpro, and I'm good to go.

2 // Music
Music is one of those thing that can change how we feel or think with each passing song. So, I make sure to keep my playlists with songs that are gonna make me feel happy. I have a playlist of songs on my phone I like to play in the evening to get my mind to wind down and it doesn't have to be incredibly long, just something you're gonna enjoy chilling out to.

3 // Makeup
If you've been out at school, work, or uni all day, you're gonna get all hot and sweaty and there is nothing in this world that feels as good as taking a makeup wipe and removing everything on my face. After this, I cleanse, exfoliate and use an oil free moisturiser. My skin feels so smooth and soft afer this!

4 // Tea
I aaaaaabsolutely love me a good cup of tea. So much so, I have a designated shelf all to myself with all the teas I love to drink. Different flavours of green tea, earl grey, camomile, peppermint... I could go on forever. Once that kettle is boiled and I'm sipping on that tea (no pun intended) I'm ready to sleep.

5 // Bathe
The final step is to sink into a really hot bath. I like to just get in and out, but if you have time, reading a book or watching netflix with the laptop perched on a stool is also an idea I'm willing to try. Just don't drop them into the water!

And there we have it! I'm so ready for this evening!

See you in the next one.

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