Tips for Getting Through High School

April 02, 2017

Having finished both high school and sixth form, I feel I can offer some little pearls of wisdom to some of you who are in the same situation I was in not too long ago. After reflecting back, I can say I managed to get through it by doing some things that definitely helped keep my head above the water. So, let's get started!

1 // Organisation
You can't get very far without organising your life! Get yourself a planner, a notepad, your phone - literally anything goes! With this you can write down when things are due, any tests or exams, any extra-curricular things you have going on. Making checklists was my favourite thing to do and ticking things off was a lot more satisfying than you would think! If you like decorating your planners, a bullet journal is the definite choice for you.

2 // Do work immediately
Make sure you do the homework your teachers set for you the day they set it. Trust me, nothing is worse than sitting in your room on a Sunday evening wondering how you got so much work that is due in the next day. The best thing to do is get the work done and out of the way so you have more time to do other things.

3 // Eat breakfast
I feel like with the rise in popularity of healthy food, breakfast is becoming a more "fashionable" to do, whereas a few years ago, you wouldn't hear of everyone sharing what they were eating that morning. Eating in the morning has been proven by scientists to speed up metabolism and be good for your health in general. If you can't stomach something too early in the morning, then a smoothie is a great option, and it's quick too! This will make sure you're alert and ready to learn when you're in school.

4 // Find a support system
This can be anyone - a partner, friends, teachers, and family. Making sure you have someone to talk to when things are getting difficult can really help with your mental health in the long run. Have people you can go to for advice and a good laugh when everything seems too much to handle.

5 // Study early!
Especially if you're in sixth form, you should have started studying months ago! With this, it can be too late, and can mean the difference between an A or an A*. If you study early and frequently, you have a much higher chance of doing well in your exams. The way you study is important as well. Take regular short breaks and wake up early to maximise the time you have during the day to dedicate to studying. If you have study leave, use it wisely!

6 // Keep motivated
It can be difficult to find reasons to keep on going with school, but just finding that one reason to keep on going can make all the difference. Motivation can come from a number of places - where you want to be in the future, the people around you, even your own internal thoughts. One of my motivations was the thought that I would be in a better place in the future if I put more effort into my work.

7 // Keep active
Make sure you have some extra-curricular activities that can help you separate yourself from school. Exercise, take up a sport, do something to keep you active and healthy. It doesn't have to be every day, just one day a week is enough to help you de-stress and relax.

Keep up! The end of the school year is pretty close, you've got this!

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