TV Shows, K-Dramas and Animes I'm Loving!

April 12, 2017

Being on a gap year means you have a LOT of time to spend doing all the things you couldn't do when you were at school. For some people, this is travelling or working but for me, I seem to have taken it upon myself to watch all the TV shows I never got the chance to watch before. So, here are the TV shows, K-Dramas and animes I've been watching and loving lately!

1 // Black-ish
I heard so much good stuff about this show on Twitter, and when a clip came up on YouTube, I laughed my head off so much I decided I needed to watch it for myself. I started and finished seasons 1 to 3 in around 3 weeks, and I'm waiting for the rest of season 3 to be updated so I can keep laughing. The characters and their experiences hit home so much that I find myself re-watching episodes sometimes!

2 // Riverdale
Now, when I think about genres I really romance, horror, thriller, crime and American high school do spring into mind. This show is SO addictive and I only started this month I'm looking forward to what secrets will be uncovered in future episodes.

3 // Jane the Virgin
When I heard of the premise of this show I didn't pay much attention, but when I watched it on Netflix just out of curiosity, I loved it so much. I've just binge watched Season 3 and I'm (not so) patiently waiting for updates to keep the twists and turns going.

4 // Game of Thrones
I used to be one of those people who sat around a table with their friends or in a group chat where everyone, and I mean everyone is talking about this show! It got frustrating, but I still didn't watch it because the descriptions seemed so out there - and that's a nice way of putting it! After watching the very first episode, however, my opinion has changed a little, and I'm actually enjoying it.

5 // The Liar and His Lover
Yay, a K-Drama! I started watching these last year, and they were so good I had to keep on watching. That, and they help with my Korean a little. Some scenes in this drama are so High School Musical at times I can't help but cringe but I have high hopes for the characters to further develop.

6 // Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
This K-Drama has one of my favourite Korean drama actors Kim Jisoo in it, so when I heard it was coming out I immediately wrote it down so I was sure to watch it. This drama has the perfect blend of romance, action, and thriller I get so excited for the weekend so I can watch it.

7 // Attack on Titan
My sister and I were waiting for Season 2 to get updated for the looongest time, and it's finally here!! If you don't like blood and gore even in animated form this definitely isn't for you, but if you're looking for something entertaining, then it's definitely one to check out!

This seems like a lot for one person to get through but it sure keeps me entertained! See you in the next one!

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