What's in My Makeup Bag!

April 05, 2017

I am such a newb when it comes to makeup. I don't know how people manage to keep up with terms, brands and products when it seems like things are being released every other weekend! But, I do have a few products in my makeup bag that I find I am pretty good with using, so without further ado, lets get into my makeup bag.

First: eye stuff. I have an eyeshadow pallete from Collection, a dark brown eyebrow pencil, a spooly, and a felt eyeliner pen.

Next: the face.

I use L'Oreal True Match Foundation in the shade 8N. After looking around for a shade that matches me, I was so glad to find one that fits perfectly. To blend this out I use a BeautyBlender also from L'Oreal. To set everything, I use a powder - forgot the name and it rubbed off! - and a fluffy brush from Elf.

Finally my favourite part: the lips!

I use mainly the same shades - browns, reds and purples becasue I feel they look best with my skin tone. The lipsticks I got from Superdrug and the pencils I got from Boots and Superdrug by MUA, Miss Sporty and L'Oreal.

No contour or highlight, but it certainly gets the job done!

See you in the next one!

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